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The most casual cooling and ventilation system of table fans are also the most common, found everywhere in homes and offices. Portability is a mighty advantage, being lightweight and easy to operate with very low power consumption. Available in three trendy models with blue, black and white blades against a white frame, Mist, Reva, Supreme, and Ruby would fulfil cooling and ventilation needs very effectively in small rooms and offices. Bigger spaces would need two or more table fans at convenient locations.

You can put them on a small table adjacent to the seating arrangement. If the tables and chairs for seating are many, several table fans would have to be installed at strategic corners for air to circulate everywhere. They are particularly important in hot climates and are cost effective enough for several to be purchased for official purposes. In domestic life also we find widespread use of table fans that need not be fixed to the wall and thus can be shifted around according to need.

The Ruby model is truly classic and works at high speed with immense power savings, and has a warranty for one year. Ruby has a 100% copper motor and is available in a 16-inch size. You would be truly delighted with the noiseless, dynamic performance of this model. In crowded working environments and in the family setting too, table fans are a blessing. They circulate fresh air, getting rid of the stale air. Besides circulating refreshing air, ventilation is also achieved. Workplaces must have such dainty, aesthetic table fans to uplift moods and provide a breezy atmosphere.

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