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As compared to the common ceiling fans and table fans, the pedestal fan that is mounted on a tall and sturdy stand has many advantages. They can be shifted from place to place without difficulty, and installed in any room, according to need and the height is adjustable. They work very efficiently with the breeze being distributed in a circular motion right across the room. Technology has brought the greater power of the lighter blades and electricity consumption is at a minimum.

Creta, Flora, Trendy and High Flow are the four models of pedestal fans we manufacture, and they suit every need, whether in the home, office, business or factory settings. They facilitate ease of operation, have stylish looks, are extremely effective in dispelling heat and providing ventilation.

Flora brings you high speed at tremendous power savings with a 100% copper motor and a one-year warranty. Flora works on three blades and is available in a 16-inch size. Pedestal fans meet personal and official needs for cooling and ventilation in cost effective ways. As compared to costlier appliances like air-conditioners, they work at a tiny fraction of the cost. Besides, they are far healthier as compared to air-conditioning systems. Creta comes in a catchy blue colour while the other three are manufactured in standard white since that is the most preferred option.

Working in hot environments can be exhausting without a cooling system and the pedestal fan meets cooling needs extremely well in terms of clearing the atmosphere noiselessly without disruption. They would be appropriate for meetings and production facilities in factories.

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