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Black Cute
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Black Deo
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Black Trio
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Black Quadra

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Designer Series

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Deo Designer
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Rallison Glass Cook Tops

Our range of glass cook tops would bring smiles to the kitchen workers and cooking would turn from hard labour to a dreamlike setting. Choose from the two double burners, Black Cute and Black Deo. Black Trio has three burners that make cooking so much easier. Black Quadra has four burners to solve all the overcrowding problems of preparing several recipes within a limited time for larger families or food businesses. Say goodbye to haste and confusion by managing three or four burners together that may be difficult but possible with dedication and practice!

Each of them is a product of state of the art technology and there need be no anxiety regarding the quality and strength of the toughened glass. In any case, warranties keep you covered, but such emergencies will certainly not arise during those busy mornings. The metallic burners would do their jobs well and the pan support for the cooking vessels will perform excellently. Above all, it is our company assurance that ensures happy times for the family in preparing delicious repasts repeatedly across the years, a daily ritual that leaves family and guests richly satisfied.

Black Quadra has been much in demand for larger families and those who entertain many guests in keeping with our traditional thinking that guests are godlike! A two-year warranty is offered along with the feature-rich gas stove with a four brass burner cook top. An active blue flame greets you every time. The 8mm thickness of the body is aesthetically SS designed according to customer preferences. The four knobs that control the flame are easy to grip and resists heat, and operating them is very easily done without a fuss.

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