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Our pretty, little lavender gas lighter will go a long way towards the family or business happiness in the kitchen by sparking unfailingly each time for hundreds and thousands of busy uses. The deluxe gas lighter offers a one-year warranty and comes with a knife and a Japan piezo. The neat and stylish design and efficiency of all three products would leave you amazed Our present day LPG culture that uses multiple burners has made gas lighters compulsory and many people suffer with inefficient gas lighters. Imagine the daily hurry and the tensions in balancing the family life with the world of work when time is always short. At such frantic times, you need a gas lighter that you can depend upon. Our product will take care of lighting up LPG stoves quickly and efficiently without a fuss.

We included the knife and the piezo because they are also compulsory parts of a busy kitchen. In most cases, a single knife or piezo will not suffice if many jobs of cutting and peeling are to be done simultaneously. Keep an extra piece just in case.

Besides residential kitchens, business kitchens of hotels and eateries also use our gas lighters on a large scale. If several LPG stoves are being used, a few gas lighters would be required to avoid confusion and the danger of misplacing them at crucial times. The many satisfactory reports we get constantly encourage us to improve the product and manufacture them on a larger scale.

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