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Rallison Ceiling Fan

We cannot imagine daily life in the warm regions without a ceiling fan overhead, often working day and night. Though that would mean higher electricity bills, the new models consume much less power, have become more sophisticated and high performing compared to a generation ago. Appliances must look good too, and the dainty designs and colours ensure that they bring a smile everywhere. The most affordable and common cooling and ventilation system imaginable, the ceiling fan deserves all the praise we can give it over generations across the globe. Though it is permanently installed and thus is not portable like the pedestal and the table fan, they are bigger and more powerful, though they have nowadays become lightweight and longer lasting with new technology. Warranties make certain that no hesitation is involved in buying.

We manufacture a marvellous range of ceiling fans that are both great in performance and have attractive looks. Tristar, Volga, Nova, Duster, Excel and Excel Dix come in light and dark shades, all three-bladed with attractive ornamental designs on them. Which would you choose for the home or the office?

Nova comes with a five-year warranty, has a double ball bearing with a 100% copper motor and attractive power saving features of 405 RPM. Nova offers a choice of dainty colours like metallic bronze and ivory with matching decorations. The Volga is similar in sky blue, brown and white. Our ceiling fans would bring cool breeze and relief from heated environments and provide superb service for many years. Install them in appropriate locations for heavy use where pedestal and table fans would not serve the purpose.

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